A National Geographic Moment

Vicious kitties

Vicious kitties

We were just getting the kids to clean their plates and complete their nightly routine.  Suddenly, Sarah leapt supernaturally from the dining room table, wrapping the corner in midair and landing in the hallway, levitating the children with her, screaming, “John, do something!” I looked up from texting blankly, trying to figure out what was going on, when I saw the cats looking very suspicious.  They had caught a gecko from the porch and herded the poor thing into the house.  For anyone who has lived in the tropics, geckos are ubiquitous residents, usually found stuck to the walls and loitering around lights at night, quick to nab an unsuspecting insect.  Our cats spend much of their time climbing the bars of our porch to get at the many lizards in our backyard.  This time they were successful.

Desperate to escape, the gecko slipped between the cats’ paws, scurrying across the ground, but the cats were faster.  So, the lizard tried another tactic- it dropped its tail.  Like a nature documentary, Boris and Natasha were distracted by the thrashing tail as the rest of the gecko dove under the table.  Miraculously, I managed to clap a bowl over the speedy lizard and put him outside.  I could now rescue Sarah, bravely locked up in the bedroom with the kids.  Ten minutes after wrestling the tail from the cats, it still continued to twitch.

4 thoughts on “A National Geographic Moment

  1. So what did Cian and Aine think about this NG moment!!! This must have been hysterical… and the cats are probably still puzzled.. You know,the tail could become an example of a new cat toy (in plastic of course)!!!


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