Nigeria Through the Eyes of PBS

Below is a link to a recent PBS series on Nigeria, in which they discuss the growing financial disparity in the country, the effects of Boko Haram, and the progress and setbacks in the face of rapid, unorganised development in Africa’s largest growing economy.  It’s a fascinating look at the country, its hopes and its fears.  Many of the scenes in Lagos are shot on or near Victoria Island, our neighborhood.  These are places I jog by in the afternoon when school is done or pass on the way to the grocery store.  We have been watching the development of Eko Atlantic (and the subsequent destruction of Bar Beach, a once integral part of Victoria Island) since our arrival. Get an inside look into this pivotal time of Nigeria’s history.  Well, if for nothing else, the pictures and video are far superior to the blurry crud posted on this blog ;-).

Nigeria:  Pain and Promise

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