imovie Retrospective

This is just a quick post to share with you a project the kids and I worked on this summer.  While we were on Cape Cod, Sarah had to head back to Connecticut for a few days to settle some emergency accommodation for our overpriced cats.  That meant I had the daunting task of having the kids by myself, with only a couple hours of sports camp to break up the incessant “When’s Mama coming home?”  In truth, our parenting and household chore skills had slightly gone the way of the couch potato while having a nanny around.  Like repeatedly opening an empty refrigerator hoping something will appear to eat, calling for help from Iin while sitting in America looking at the pile of dirty dishes in the sink and my kids eating sand out in the back will do no good.  As all parents know, the best way to keep kids out of trouble is to keep them overly busy until bedtime.  What we needed was a project.

How about a movie trailer?

I suppose since this is a blog about living abroad, I should probably throw in something a little more global nomad-ish.

Last November in Indonesia, teacher friend Ari organized a student trip to Lombok.  Brent, Darlene and I accompanied him on the trip as chaperones.  Here is a video collection of our adventure made by Brent.  Due to the blatant musical copyright law infringements, this video couldn’t be seen on Youtube until now.  Although, I’m not sure why the music is less infringed now than it was nine months ago…

I’ll be back soon with more from Nigeria!

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