Echo Beach

Sunset at Echo beach

Sunset at Echo beach

Staying on the south coast of the island is not particularly ideal, as the dirtier tourist trade is centered around Kuta, Sanur, and Seminyak.  Canggu, however, has not yet been conquered, and has a cleaner mix of Bali and tourism.  One of our favorite places to visit while in Canggu was Echo Beach.  Restaurants sit just on the shore to give a good view of the surfing just below- a nice place to sit back for the afternoon and enjoy the day.  I was able to embarrass myself attempting some surfing of my own and Sarah could admire the new pearls she said made her feel “more Balinese”.

We brought the kids occasionally to run the beach, eat some French fries, and watch the waves pour in.  Even Princess Áine, who is offended by even the smallest particle of dirt, took off her shoes and played in the sand.  Cian was waist deep in the water laughing before we could remind him to put his bathing suit on.  The waves were rough, so not a place for swimming, but the kids enjoyed their failed attempts at not getting drenched by the surf.  The only problem was trying to clean them of sand at the end of the day.

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